Put Family Time on Your Calendar and Read with your Child!

As a former teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education,  I know the importance of reading to children.  I recently read that less than 40% of parents read to their children on a daily basis.  Before I became a parent I would have been shocked, but with todays busy schedule, it is easy to see how this can happen.  

Reading to and with your child may be the single most important thing you can do to promote education in their life.  A simple ten minute bedtime story goes a long way in promoting reading, writing and learning for life.

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There are many benefits to reading to your child:

•  It creates a bond between parent and child.

•Reading to your child is a good way to help them learn to be attentive. Don’t think because your child can sit for hours in front of the television she will be able to concentrate in school. It’s a completely different, and more important and effective, kind of concentration than television viewing. 

• Reading to your child teaches them basic reading and writing skills.  They learn how to hold the book. They learn that you read from left to right and top to bottom,  which is directly related to beginning writing skills.  

• Reading is important to language development.  The more you talk, sing, and read to your child, the bigger his speaking vocabulary will become.Your child’s brain is not automatically wired for reading. Your child needs your help to become a successful reader.