Improved Parent and Teacher Relations

It is beneficial to your child if you have a great relationship with their teacher.  It can increase your child’s success in school.  Establishing open lines of communication is one of the many ways to achieve this goal.  

When your child begins the school year, it is important to meet the teacher.  Make sure that you come across as a very open and friendly parent.  Let the teacher know that you are willing to help reach the goal of a great education for your child.  At the time that you meet the teacher, be sure to give them multiple ways to contact you for communication, including phone and email.  Let the teacher know that you would love to receive any feedback regarding your child.  

It is imperative to ask the teacher questions during conferences.  Do not just sit there and listen.  Get a feel for how your child is doing in school. Try to get the whole picture of their typical day.  Ask about their classwork progress.  Find out if they are engaging in class and involved.  Does your child seem confident with their learning and with their peers?  School is so much more than just learning facts.  Your child is learning interpersonal skills and relationship building tools as well.  You need to check on the status of all these areas of your child’s growth.  

Another thing that you can do to improve parent/teacher relations is to volunteer your time and talents.  Teachers always have projects and tasks that they could use an extra hand to complete.  Find ways to be helpful, and be a valuable resource to the teacher. 

The teacher has a common goal in your child’s success.  Make sure that you show gratitude and appreciation of the teacher.  It will foster a great working relationship, if the teacher feels appreciated for all their work and time.  It does not take a lot to show this appreciation. It could simply be in the form of a quick email thanking them for being a great teacher.  You know the old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  Well the teacher is a very important piece of this village.  It is crucial that you acknowledge this fact.  

In all of your communication with the teacher, the most important thing to remember is the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.  Your child’s teacher will appreciate it and your child will appreciate it as well.

 Parent Tips for Better Communication

Remember that the teacher is on your side and they truly care about your children. Don’t show up for a meeting unannounced, instead, schedule a time to meet. Don’t go over the teacher’s head. If you’re having an issue with the teacher, your child, the subject matter or the classroom in general, talk directly with the teacher before going to the principal or other administrators.

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Be Involved

• Check children’s agendas and take-home   folders every night. 

• Check on homework regularly.

• Address behavior issues at home.

• Go to Open Houses and Parent Nights.

• Be involved in Parent Organizations. 

Establish a Regular Routine Each Night

This includes having children pack their backpacks the night before, to make sure they have everything they need for school the next day. Cut down on chaos and clutter at home. If your home life is disorganized, this can carry over into the classroom and make learning more difficult for the child.